No Toe Anti-Fatigue Compression Knee High Stockings

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No Toes - Anti-Fatigue Compression Knee High Stockings

Use Compression Stockings for:
  • Rehabilitation
  • Reducing Swelling
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Promoting Circulation
  • Use at Work (especially if you stand all day)
  • Nursing - aids faster recovery from surgery and injuries.
  • Travel - helps reduce the development of deep vein thrombosis
  • Non-binding, Comfort Band Construction
  • Suitable for treating Varicose Veins
  • Used for treating Fluid Re-tension
  • Use for Athletic Sports
  • Jogging, Running

Features of the Compression Stockings :

  • 20-30 mm Hg Compression
  • Non-binding, Comfort Band Construction
  • Graduated Compression helps improve circulation
  • Flat seams for comfort
  • Reinforced heal for added durability
Size US US Sizing UK UK Sizing AU AU Sizing EU EU Sizing
L 5-9.5 for Men,
6-9.5 for Women
5-8 for Men,
6-9 for Women
5-8 for Men,
6-9 for Women
XL 10-12.5 for Men,
10-13.5 for Women
9-15 for Men,
10-156 for Women
9-15 for Men,
10-16 for Women



Material: Spandex, Cotton, Microfiber
Colors:  Black, Beige
Thickness: Standard
Sock Type: Casual - Supportive, Therapeutic 
Washable:  Machine Wash - Cool Water - Do not use hot dryer

It is recommended that you take these measurements in the morning because it will help avoid your measurements being biased by swelling.
Measure Ankle Measure Calves

Calf Size: L
Ankle Circumference:   9 - 10.24" ( 23-26cm)
Calf Circumference:    14.5 - 15.75" (37-40cm)


Calf Size: XL
Ankle Circumference: 10.25 - 11" (26-27 cm)
Calf Circumference:  16.1 - 17.3"  (41-44 cm)

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