Chilblains on Your Feet and Toes

What are Chilblains?

Chilblains are sore and itchy, little red bumps on your tops of your toes and feet.

Some people have so many little sore bumps on their toes that they cannot get their shoes on.

Chilblains on Feet Toes

The small, red bumps will take approximately ten to fourteen days to heal. As the cells and tissues start to heal, they can be extremely itchy.

This is a common condition for the fishermen and women who are constantly wading in and out of cold ocean temperatures.

Equestrians (horse riders) are also afflicted with chilblains on their toes, feet, ankles and, even their calves, from wearing non-insulated riding boots in winter.


"my toes - especially the two little ones on the outside of my feet would often go to sleep in my riding boots. I noticed the tingly feeling was worse whenever I was pressing down hard on the stirrup iron. Since I started wearing your socks... it hardly happens any more. Thank you so much!"


What are Chilblains caused by?

    When your feet and toes get cold, the blood vessels constrict and the circulation is impaired. In your effort to warm your feet as fast as you can, you may accidentally be causing damage to tiny capillaries and vessels in your toes. Putting your feet into a hot water bath will increase the circulation to your toes, but faster than the blood vessels can expand.

    The rapid increase in blood pressure can cause the restricted capillaries and cells to rupture, allowing blood to leak into the surrounding tissues. This blood plasma seepage creates the chilblains.

    red sore bumps on toes are signs of Chilblains

    Most individuals seem to get chilblains in cool, damp climates, but it's the rapid warming of the blood and rupturing cells that creates the chilblain, not the weather.


    Prolotex™ Socks help Treat Chilblains

    Preventing your feet from getting too cold is the best treatment for Chilblains. Prolotex™ FIR Socks will do just that. Far Infrared Socks have been shown to increase microcirculation in the small capillaries in your toes and feet and are, therefore, a perfect safe solution for treating and preventing Chilblains.

    So, what does the infrared energy from the socks actually do? The natural FIR rays from the bio-ceramics fused into the thread activates and "energizes" each individual cell. The cells start to "vibrate" or "dance" with a little more enthusiasm. As the cellular activity (metabolism) increases, the temperature of the cells increase and your feet feel warmer.

    All you have to do is wear Prolotex™ FIR Socks on a consistent basis and you will notice a difference in the overall warmth in your feet and toes. How simple is that?

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    FREE Tips For Treating and Preventing Chilblains

    1. Wash your feet, at least once a day in warm - not hot - water, to help remove clammy perspiration.
    2. Regular exercise, like walking, helps to improve the circulation in your toes and improve their overall temperature.
    3. Drink plenty of fresh water to aid the circulatory system.
    4. Stop smoking. Cigarettes restrict the blood vessels and contribute to Chilblains.
    5. Reduce your sugar and alcohol intake.
    6. Correcting vitamin deficiencies - if any (check with your doctor for this).
    7. Wear a fresh, clean pair of Prolotex™ Far Infrared Socks every day to help improve the circulation in your feet.


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