Arthritis Feet - Freedom from Arthritic Foot Pain

Far Infrared Socks Reduce Arthritis Pain

If you suffer from Arthritis in your feet, you are going to LOVE Prolotex™ FIR Socks.

Did you know that there are 33 joints in each foot susceptible to arthritic pain? No wonder so many people have foot pain.

Prolotex's remarkable Bio Ceramic Socks help reduce the swelling and relieve joint pain caused by this insufferable disease.


Prolotex™ protective FIR Socks are soft and comfortable!

Have your sore feet been slowing you down? Do you take the car down to the corner store because you can hardly cope with arthritic pain in your feet? Do you limp around at work? Maybe you would just like to sleep all night without the constant aches and pains in your feet and toes caused by arthritis.

Bio Ceramic Prolotex™ Socks may not totally eliminate all your arthritic foot pain, but they can help to reduce swelling, pain and promote healing. How much is that worth to you?

Far Infrared COMFORT FIT Socks


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Prolotex™ Socks for Arthritic Toes!

As we age, we tent to lose some of the cushioning around the joints and pads of our feet.

With less protection, it can feel like we are walking on course gravel rather than a supportive air pillow.

Prolotex™Socks offer a nicely padded foot and toe area to help cushion your aching feet and toes.


... Best Thing:

please combine these two orders together many thanks. Your socks are the best thing i have come across for my husbands arthritic swollen feet.
J Kennedy, UK


Take Care of your Feet

If you take care of your feet, there is a good chance that you will prevent many of the secondary ailments (corns, calluses and ulcers) from developing.

If the arthritis moves up into the ankle, complications with tendons and ligaments could develop up the calf and into the knee.

FREE Tips to help Reduce Arthritis in your Feet

  1. Make sure your shoes are comfortable fit for you. Lots of shoes today, are designed to be stylish plus offer comfort and support where you need it.
  2. Pay attention to your feet. Notice changes in texture, alignment of your toes, odor and color.
  3. Check with your doctor to see if you are doing everything required to improve the health of your feet.
  4. Wear a fresh, clean pair of Prolotex™ Far Infrared Socks on a regular basis to improve the circulation to your feet and toes. Increased circulation helps to reduce the pain and swelling. Prolotex™ Socks are soft, effective and safe to wear.

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