Knee Pain Treatment

Safe Treatment for Knee Pain

Treatment for Knee Pain

Now you have the facts about common knee injuries and conditions, you can take an active role in managing your knee pain.

As with any injury or condition, the optimal treatment may involve a combination of education, rest, exercise, joint protection, medications, and occasionally surgery.

Non-Surgical Treatment

For most knee injuries, stabilizing and reinforcing the knee joint is a critical component of reducing pain and protecting the joint both from re-injury or new injuries.

Surgical Treatment

Millions of people have undergone knee replacement surgery since it was introduced in its current form in the 1960s. There are approximately 250,000 knee replacement procedures performed every year in the United States alone.

Where surgery is indicated, a Prolotex Far Infrared Knee Band can provide an effective part of the overall pre and post-surgical stages of treatment. The four-way stretch design of our Knee Band will conform to your knee and be comfortable to wear. The Far Infrared rays emitted by Far Infrared Knee Bands helps to reduce scar tissue and will - over time - repair the nerve endings.


Far Infrared Knee Bands help ease the Arthritis pain in your knees.

Far Infrared Tourmaline Knee Band Supports

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I was absolutely amazed a the speed of delivery. I have worn the band 1 day now and already experiencing great relief in the discomfort of knee pain. Thank you so much .Barbara C. UK


FREE Tips to help Live with Knee Pain

    1. Take care not to stress or strain the knee joint unnecessarily.
    2. Take time to warm up your knees before doing any strenuous exercise.
    3. Keep your knees warm. Ligaments and tendons can be damaged easier when they are cold.
    4. If you experience extreme knee pain and/or cannot weight or bear, check with your physician. They may recommend an MRI or X-ray.
    5. Make an effort to keep your weight under control. Excessive weight can put undue stress on the knees.
    6. Proper footwear is important if you walk or run on hard surfaces.
    7. Wear a Far Infrared Knee Bands every day to help reduce pain in your knee(s).