Diabetic Foot

Far Infrared Socks Reduce Diabetic Foot Pain

If you suffer from diabetes, then you almost certainly have foot problems. Diabetes can produce a variety of symptoms in your feet.

One of the main causes is poor circulation. You can lose feeling, sensitivity and develop neuropathy, along with foot sores and the risk of infection.


Far Infrared Socks for Diabetic Foot!

RELAXED FIT Far Infrared Socks

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Relaxed Fit Socks for Diabetics


Far Infrared Therapy Socks designed especially for You!

You need a therapy sock that’s soft and non-abrasive on your feet to keep from causing sores that can lead to infection.

A well designed smooth, flat toe seam that won’t pinch or irritate your skin and luxurious pile padding to gently support the soles of your feet.

That’s why Prolotex™ engineered a superior non-binding cuff so revolutionary, it just keeps on giving!

Certainly, one of the greatest features of these remarkable new therapy socks is the RELAXED FIT leg section which allows for an exceptionally roomy, non-binding and comfortable fit. No more pinching, biting and strangling of your ankles. This exceptional design allows for increased blood flow where it’s needed.

Speaking of blood flow, don’t forget, this exciting new sock model is made from the same bio-ceramic far infrared materials, Prolotex™ is famous for.

Far infrared rays gently penetrate deep into the soft tissues of your feet, helping to increase microcirculation and retard bacterial growth.

Prolotex’s RELAXED FIT Therapy Socks are the perfect choice, for anyone suffering from the damaging effects of diabetic foot.

You Need to Pay Attention

If your body loses its ability to fight off infection, the skin on your feet may start to weaken. A breakdown in the elasticity and resilience of the skin opens up the doors to disease and bacterial infections. Far infrared socks can help retard bacterial growth.

When the skin's connective tissue starts to break down and microscopic blood vessels wither, tiny capillaries in your feet lose their connection to vital blood flow, creating a stagnant circulatory environment. Lack of circulation can lead to gangrenous tissue which needs to be treated or removed by surgery.

Will Far Infrared Socks Help Treat Diabetic Foot?

Yes! Far Infrared energy rays emitted from Prolotex™ FIR Socks help retard bacteria - and prevent secondary infections. Infrared waves promote health and rejuvenation of cells - a necessary activity for combating this skin disease.

Far Infrared energy waves promote circulation to the extremities. FIR energy has been shown to help in the restoration of nerve endings, so wearing socks that emit far infrared rays will be beneficial.


FREE Tips to Preventing Diabetic Foot

  1. Wash your feet, at least once a day.
  2. Wear comfortable supportive footwear.
  3. Inspect your feet daily for scrapes, cuts and injuries that could become infected.
  4. Wear Prolotex™ RELAXED FIT Far Infrared Socks to help improve circulation in the foot.
  5. Have regular checkups with your physician to monitor your blood sugar levels.
  6. Do not wear other people's shoes, especially sports shoes.
  7. Wear a fresh, clean pair of Far Infrared Socks every day to help reduce bacterial infections.


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