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... Loves the Socks

My husband loves the socks, they have been so helpful in relieving the symptoms (pain and burning sensations) of peripheral neuropathy.  A friend who has diabeties is also finding them a blessing.

Kind regards
Lynne G Australia

... Best Thing

please combine these two orders together many thanks. Your socks are the best thing i have come across for my husbands arthritic swollen feet.
J Kennedy, UK


Message: I VERY rarely make comments regarding my experiences with companies I deal with, but I have been so impressed with my experience here that I feel compelled. I had my first contact about a week ago after I got a diagnosis of Raynauds in my feet, which I have suffered with all winter. Going to the internet I found Prolotex, and the information I found was compelling. I ordered socks, which I did not expect to arrive for at least 10 business days. They arrived , to my delight, in just three business days. The first night I wore them I could feel a benefit. The second night was even better; my feet were feeling better than in at least six months. I am retired, and have a second home in a mountain setting, where I spend half of my time. I immediately knew I had to have these socks in both places. I had received a coupon for a $5.00 credit with my first order to apply on a future purchase. When I placed the order for my second pair of socks, I did not find a place in the "check-out" process to get the $5.00 credit. I was charged full price. There was an option on screen to make comments to the company, so I made a comment on this issue. The established on line response time for reply to comments was stated as "x#" of days (perhaps two weeks). I was floored when I had a reply in less than two hours, which acknowledged my comment and said I was being credited for the $5.00 on my credit card. BOTTOM LINE OF my comment is that this company is more dedicated to customers, in every respect, than any that I have ever dealt with (or worked for). On top of that, my satisfaction with the product I purchased makes me encourage anyone having need for pain relief in extremities to strongly consider the wide range of their products for pain relief offered by PROLOTEX.
Name: Richard G.

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i am thrilled with my socks that really help with my plantar condition with in 20 minutes of putting them on the pain goes away

Helen H. NZ

 I was skeptical...

Hi Amy,
Thanks for that. I am hoping to get my gloves before next weekend because I am riding my motor bike on a long trip and I think the gloves will help with my circulation. I am loving my socks and yes they are making a difference to the pain in my feet as I have Peripheral Neuropathy. I was sceptical when I was reading your website but within a few hours I was convinced. Hence the reason I have ordered another three pairs.

All the best to you and thanks for the personal contact.

Stewart M.

... may we add your comments to the testimonial page?

Absolutely I think my socks are fantastic. You won't believe me but I am throwing out all my nylon socks because they are useless compared to my Therapy Socks when you consider my condition.

Stewart M.

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... they are wonderful

Thank you for making such a product. I got my Raynauds Disease when I was 23 years old. I'm 66 now. I bought 3 pairs of your socks before I moved back to N.Y.S. They are wonderful! They keep my feet warm. I've hoped for something like this product for years. My husband was sure they'd have a cure before our retirement. He passed away in 2009. They haven't found a cure but at least I found your socks. Thanks again!

Karen D.

VERY satisfied

Have received and used Prolotex socks and gloves and am VERY satisfied. Wish to order spare socks and knee supports. Can you help, please. (yes)

Michael O. UK

... miracle cure for me
What I like about Prolotex Socks

For 39 years I have suffered from what I always called "Restless Legs Syndrome". For the past 8 years, the discomfort moved anywhere between my toes, feet and up my legs. About 6 years ago a Neurologist stated I had Peripheral Neuropathy and there was nothing he could do for me, I would just have to live with it. Putting this diagnosis in the back of my mind, I never investigated any further until November, 2012. My pain has been so excrutiating at times, to the point where I had little sleep for weeks at a time. Talk about affecting the nervous system. You cannot travel, you cannot sit and visit with people, in fact, I usually walked around at suppertime with my dinner plate in my hand, trying to find some comfort, so I could eat in peace. I have tried a multitude of herbal remedies but still never attacking the problem from the "peripheral neuropathy" angle.

In desperation, I went online and found your "wonderful" sox. I cannot believe what they have done for me. I put them on every day at 3:00 p.m. and go to bed at night with them on. I sleep soundly through the night.
They truly are a miracle cure for me.

Chris C. SK Canada

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... brilliant

I'd be really interested in knowing how the infra red is generated in the gloves and socks and how long they last. They have been brilliant.  [read about Bio-Ceramics here]
Many thanks,
Joni S.

makes a difference

Hello, I am happy to say that my husbands socks arrived today. He couldnt wait to receive them. The condition he has, affects the nervous system and especially his feet and toes. I think he is tempted to purchase another pair from you. he has told his friends about them, so maybe we could be your little Tasmanian agent.!!! We did order the small size. He only takes a 5 in a shoe, has a small foot and slim ankles. Would you consider the small to be correct size?? or do you think he should have ordered the medium. They looked so tiny in the packet. They fit very snugly on his feet and the heel seems to fit correctly in place. What is your opinion. I hope we havnt purchased the wrong size. Would appreciate your thoughts. he is 74 yrs old and keeps reasonably fit after suffering a heart attack 12 mths ago. This health problem has affected him greatly, so he is hoping your socks will make a difference to his feet. Thanks for great prompt service, Kind regards from Beverley W. A cold winters day in Tasmania!!

great socks

Great socks! They have helped me be far more comfortable. I have peripheral neuropathy. I need two new pairs as my last two have become very 'fluffy' and not good to wear during the day. These two I will use for 'daywear' only. I wear them 24 hours.
Glenys P. New Zealand

... delighted
My husband was delighted with his first pair of gloves. He was sceptical that they would help his complex hand problems but within a few hours it became obvious to him that they an amazing help and he has been able to use his fingers more productively than before. Also, we were both stunned at the quick arrival of the gloves - products from within our owm country can take the same if not a longer time to arrive - well done!

Delivery note: If we are out when they arrive, please can thy be put aroung the back of the house.

Many thanks
Mrs Jane Saunders

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stress fractures

The first pack of these I ordered are so brilliant that I have come back for more for both myself and my elderly father. These are the most wonderful socks and are helping greatly with the healing of two stress fractures I have in my foot. Thanks for such a wonderful product. Sharyn B. Australia  May 2012

feet are much better

My feet are much better now and my circulation with the socks. What a great invention. Carol Y. Turkey


Thank you for getting back to me. My daughter received the shipment on Thursday evening and I can't begin to tell you how very grateful we are for your products. She's been wearing  the socks my son bought her on a separate order and has not had a Raynauds attack in a few days. I have spread the word about your products and please keep me informed as you come up with new items. Your products are truly a blessing for those afflicted with Raynauds. Many Thanks, Annalouise D. NY

Raynauds in feet
Im so happy that i have found your product to help with the comfort when raynauds attacks. I also try to tell anyone that has this pain about your site. I was also very excited to see you have socks in white. My feet thank you and so do I.
Janice G. Sask., Canada

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sleep better

I definitely slept better thr first night I received my Therpysocks. My feet were warm. Therefore, I am ordering two more pairs so I can have clean socks to wear regularly!
Dorthy B. Mississippi

numbness in feet now improving

Just a quick testimony as to the wonderful benefits of wearing Far Infrared Therapy Socks.

For the last two and a half years I have experienced chronic kidney failure. One of the acute side effects of chronic kidney failure is peripheral neuropathy in the feet and hands. My feet became totally numb and then ever increasing severe pain. This was followed by the condition spreading to my hands.

Specialist treatment provided no relief. In desperation my wife and I surfed the net and found Prolotex Far Infrared Therapy Socks. From placement of order to arrival in Australia was only 5 days. Brilliant delivery time.

After wearing the socks 24hrs a day for only a week the severe pain I had been experiencing stopped completely and has not returned after 2 to 3 months of wearing at the time of forwarding my testimony. With the success of the socks we ordered the gloves. Same result no pain and full use of my hands has returned.

The numbness in my feet is now improving and I have no doubt will be completely gone in the not too distant future. To be healed from this crippling condition peripheral neuropathy is an amazing blessing. As the intensity of the pain and condition of the feet continues to get worse, peripheral neuropathy can result in the amputation of the feet.

A special thank you to all responsible for these amazing natural products providing such blessed relief.

Blessings to you
Dennis G.  NSW Australia

ankles no longer swollen

What I like about Prolotex Socks

I never write testimonials, but I have to write about these socks. My ankles & feet were swelling so that they looked deformed & I couldn't wear many of my shoes. I was taking medication to reduce water retention with little to no effect.

After wearing these socks for about 2 weeks my ankles and feet are no longer swollen. I stopped taking the medication & still they didn't swell. These socks have given me my cute shoes back & that's no small thing to a woman!

Joyce T. Georgia
(You have my permission to post the testimonial on your page.)

VERY!! Toasty warm
A friend ordered me a pair of your socks because I am sure she was tired of me complaining that it felt like my bones were made of ice in my feet. I have had them for a week now. Ask me how warm my feet are, go ahead. VERY!! Toasty warm. Comfey warm. Going to order more and a pair of your gloves next paycheck! Thank you so much!
Kandy L.

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pain has been reduced by 80-90%

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I purchased a pair of these socks two weeks ago for my 96 year old Dad, who suffers from peripheral neuropathy in both of his feet. He also is in middle stage Alzheimer's.

do exactly as statedThe pain has been unbearable and no doctor had been able to relieve his discomfort. Since wearing his new Far Infrared Socks he said that his pain has been reduced by 80-90%.

I am placing another order for 3 more pairs as a birthday present for him. It is honestly the first time in 3 years that he has not complained constantly about his feet and is walking better.

I can not thank you enough. Much thanks from my Dad as well. Please feel free to use this testimonial for your product.

Signed A Greatful daughter, JoAnne Massachusetts USA.

hope others could see this note

REVEIVED socks andknee band 5 days ago. The socks are a "GOD SEND"- I have suffered from Peripheral Neuropathy for the last two years. Doctors have nbeen unable to help me other than increase my Lyrica medication to 350 per day. I dreadedd going to bed and this past few nights have been excellent. I also wear them during the day.

I have recently had a knee replacement and dealing with both problems has been hard to deal with. I am hoping this improvement will continue and I will be very happy to tell my doctor of my new found trreasure.

Margaret S. UK ( I Hope others could see this note)

... give them a try
What I like about Prolotex Socks

they are better than anything on the market today, what a great product they are, I would recommend to anyone who is having problems with there feet to give them a try as you will never were any other socks again,

kind regards
thomas d. IRELAND

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I noticed a difference
I am 77 and within 1 year have suffered a stroke followed by a heart attack which resulted in a triple by-pass operation. I already had peripheral neuropathy in my feet which had become much worse due to immobility. Researching my condition on the net I spotted your ad and although sceptical of what seemed to be a 'quack' remedy, I thought, what have I got to lose, and ordered a pair of your socks. They arrived within 7 days and as soon as I put them on I noticed a difference. The improvement
in the feeling in my feet has been phenomenal and has continued. Iam going to have to order another pair so
I can have one in the wash. I am also going to order some gloves as I suffer from loss of sensation in my hands.
please feel free to use my comments in any way.

malcolm c. Great Britain

socks helped me
Being on my feet all day at work my knees were starting to cause me problems and knowing that the socks helped me, as soon as I found out that there were products for the knee I immediately placed an order,thanks so much for this great alternative to the healing process.
David L

delighted with the results
I recently bought 5 pairs of the relaxed fit socks for my mum who had a stroke & is suffering from neuropathy. They have made a great difference to her - swelling has gone done & pain has eased. Delighted with the results, many thanks.

She also suffers from neuropathy in her right shoulder, arm, hand etc., she has little or no mobility on her right side but suffers from pain & swelling of the fingers, if not kept elevated.

I was wondering if the above gloves would be of benefit to her (according to the website they are suitable for arthritis pain relief & certain activities), really my question is, would they be suitable for her because of her lack of movement, as it doesn't mention anything on website regarding neuropathy in the hands.

Hoping to hear from you soon.



Thank you for your quick reply to my email.

I had a look at the website & will be ordering the gloves for Mum.

I would be happy for you to use my comments on your site, they are a genius

Many thanks again for your help.

Take care,

eased my daily life

Dear Sock and Glove makers,I found your Far Infrared on the Internet as I have Periperal Neuropathy. Iam 68 - but most people think I am 50!! I have bought your products. Now I AM MUCH MUCH HAPPIER - No pain in my feet. I use no PN drugs (Gaberpentin etc)no pain killers - just vitamins, herbs and sensible diet and exercise and your amazing Far Infrared  socks - I have 2 pairs of each and they have eased my daily life - THANK YOU
Christine B.

Yes - you can post my email on your website - is there any more news ref your long infrared socks - blessings Christine B.

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so grateful

The socks arrived a couple of days ago, and they are helping my husband so much. We are so grateful to have found you!!!

Thank you for your thoughtful email update.
Regards,  Jenna B.


Terry O. Ireland

socks give relief

My 86 yr old Dad has peripheral neuropathy in his feet, and he finds that the socks give him some relief. Nothing else does. Thanks.
Dianne P. - New Zealand

... amazed at the difference
I have Periphrial Neuropathy in my feet so I purchased a pair of your socks last month and was amazed at the difference that my feet felt. I also have bad circulation in my hands and I ordered a pair of your cut-fingered gloves earlier this month and received them just the other day and for the first time in 6 months I woke up without numbness in my fingers. I wish that I wasn't so financially stretched. But I should be able to buy another pair of socks in a couple of months and another pair of gloves two months later...Thank you very much for your product.
John F.

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do exactly as stated
I received my order and am pleasantly surprised. They do exactly as you stated, my feet have never been so warm. Very good product.
Richard G. UK

no longer need medications
I'm a 7-year patient of Dialysis for renal failure with Peripheral Neuropathy. I remember reading all of the testimonials and thinking hogwash, but decided to buy a pair of socks despite the costs' I just got through
washing my socks last night after wearing them for three days and feeling my feet returning to normalcy. I haven't worn my socks all day and my feet still feel Great! I will probably wear them at night only when I go to bed. Also, I'm no longer taking my medication of 100mg of Gabapentin. It os no longer needed! Thank you very much Prolotex!!! I will be ordering gloves soon.
John F. California

not throbbing as they were
I received my socks within 5 days Canada to Brisbane Australia.
The first thing I have noticed is that my feet are not throbbing as they were. The foot with the broken bone still hurts but we are talking 24 hours.
Overall I am feeling positive about the future results.

Cold Feet
I have suffered with cold feet most of my life & have tried various products throughout different websites, believing claims that their products work.
Until now I have not found that to be true, thats before I tried Prolotex Far Infrared Therapy Socks. For me the improvement was increditable, just after a day/night of wearing these socks my feet feel warmer, even when the outside weather conditions are below freezing my feet are still warm.
I have now ordered another three pairs of these socks, also bought a pair of fingerless gloves for work & my hands do stay warm. My regret is that I wish I had found this website years ago instead of wasting my time & money on things that did not work for me. My advice for anyone who is unsure about this product is give it a go only buy one pair see what happens. I will deffinately be a regular customer. Viv - UK

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tingeling sensation vanished
After my dad suffered a stroke the blood circulation in his feet and hands had been affected severly. Since he has been wearing your therapy socks the tingeling sensation in his feet has vanished almost completely. He is very grateful and I am thanking you on his behalf. Best, Sylvia W. UK

pain reduced by 50%
I purchased a pair of these socks last month for my 86 year old Dad who suffers from peripheral neuropathy in both of his feet. The pain has been almost unbearable. Within a week of wearing his new Far Infrared Socks he said that his pain has been reduced by 50%, and he wants another pair. We are thrilled, hence this order for another pair. Please feel free to use this reference.
Dianne P. New Zealand

...gout tophi Smaller
To whom it may concern.:

I am a cardiologist (Phd) and Emeritus member of ESCardiology.

Since 3 weeks I use FIR stocks for my terriblegout with incredible gout tophi. Now the Tophi are smaller and the pain quite diseapeared.

As soon as I can I will send you 2 photograhs before and and after the use of FIR stocks.

Best regards from
Carlos Ramalhão - Portugal

warm up my feet
Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order. These socks are great, they seemed to warm up my feet straight away. I do wish you had some knee high socks, are you planning to stock these soon? (yes)
Joan H.

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Mother loves socks
My mother loves your socks. She is not one to exaggerate so when she said the socks kept her feet warmer, I have a tendency to believe her.
Samantha J.

... flex his toes
I ordered 1 pair of the PROLOTEX socks for my husband who has had peripheral neuropathy in his feet and legs for the past 4 years. Within hours after putting them on, his feet no longer felt like "blocks of ice" and he could flex his toes. So, I just ordered 2 more pairs!

My husband asked if you sold "knee socks"...because he would like a pair that comes all of the way to his knees.
Thank you so much!
Angelia C.

I can't tell you how your socks helped me
"I just have to let you know what a difference your socks made. One evening I was a bit exuberant in doing some stretching and woke up the next morning with severe pains in the front of my ankles and down my shins. I could hardly walk down the stairs to get my new socks. I put them on and within about 20 - 30 min. was able to get around the house. The severe pain was reduced to a bearable ache and I was able to get through the day. I took them off in the evening and almost immediately the pain in the front of my ankles increased again. I can't tell you how your socks helped me. My only thing now is to have you guys make a longer sock that will cover my shins... up to the knee maybe like knee socks.
Thanks again for a great product."
S. Neuman

"I did get the socks for my father. He has myopathy of the feet from years of heavy diabetes and nothing has worked for him. He could hardly walk and was trying to swallow his pride to get a walker to assist him. I ordered the socks for him and they worked. He can walk much better than before.

I am uncertain as to how you came up with the idea or the material for your products, but am happy you did. I agree with that Diane lady, they are nothing short of a miracle.

Thanks for being so understanding about this.