Do You Suffer with Excruciating Knee Pain?

Do You Suffer with Excruciating Knee Pain?

    If so, you are not alone. Knee pain is a very common complaint that affects people of all ages. In a recent study, the US Centre for Disease Control found that osteoarthritis alone, one of many common knee pain conditions, had been medically diagnosed in 46.4 million adults in the US - or 21.6% of the population. Women accounted for 25.4% of the cases and men 17.6% of cases.

    Due to pain, many people find they cannot perform usual activities of daily living such as getting out of bed, going up and down stairs or even driving the car. Going to work and even being able to perform a full day of work can be difficult, especially when the job involves prolonged standing, walking or sitting.

    Similarly many people find that they can no longer participate in leisure activities they had once enjoyed such as playing team sports, jogging, hiking, golf, vacation travel or family activities. Many people even find the pain is stopping them from playing with their children or grandchildren.

    Now imagine you could turn back time, that you could reduce your knee pain, improve your mobility and be able to return to the activities you loved. The first step in taking back your life is to answer the questions below:

      Question: Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

        • Morning stiffness wears off quickly.
        • Shooting Knee pain while walking or running.
        • Painful to stand up after long periods of sitting.
        • Knee cap cracking or popping when the knee is flexed.
        • Knee pain when climbing stairs.
        • Swollen puffy knees.
        • Pain under the knee cap.


        If you answered "yes" to any of the above, then you may be suffering from either:

        1. Sprained or Torn Ligaments
        2. Strained and Ruptured Tendons
        3. Patellar Tendonitis
        4. Cartilage Injuries - Meniscal Tears
        5. Chondromalacia Patella
        6. Osteoarthritis
        7. Rheumatoid Arthritis


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        FREE Tips to help Live with Knee Pain

          1. Take care not to stress or strain the knee joint unnecessarily.
          2. Take time to warm up your knees before doing any strenuous exercise.
          3. Keep your knees warm. Ligaments and tendons can be damaged easier when they are cold.
          4. If you experience extreme knee pain and/or cannot weight or bear, check with your physician. They may recommend an MRI or X-ray.
          5. Make an effort to keep your weight under control. Excessive weight can put undue stress on the knees.
          6. Proper footwear is important if you walk or run on hard surfaces.
          7. Wear a Far Infrared SOOTHING FIT Knee Band every day to help reduce pain in your knee(s).