Firma Far Infrared Circulations Socks

FIRMA Energywear Circulation Socks Improve Circulation In Your Feet

Do you suffer from poor circulation in your lower legs and feet?

This is a great way for you to improve circulation just by wearing Firma's special socks.

The socks are made with a special textile containing biocrystals. These natural crystals absorb far infrared rays and gently reflect and emit FIR (Far Infrared Rays) back into the feet and lower legs.

Far infrared rays basically dilate the blood vessels and stimulate circulation. But they also offer more healing benefits than just that. The FIR energy also improves cellular functioning and helps to flush toxins out the body.

These socks are designed to retain therapeutic value because the biocrystals are fused right into the polyamide-based yarn.

There so many different causes and ailments why people suffer lower legs and foot problems. Everything from diabetes, gout and obesity to raynaud's disease and many more.

Even if your foot problems aren’t caused by any of these conditions you can still benefit from wearing these wonderful socks. On your feet all day working or even sitting for long periods of time the socks offer mild compression along with the healing energy of far infrared.

By increasing microcirculation, far infrared rays reduce muscle fatigue and speed muscle recovery time.

FIRMA energywear circulation socks are easy to take care of. Just hand wash and air dry.

To get the maximum benefit it's important to wear them often. Wear them to bed if you like.