What Can Graphene Far Infrared Do For You

Revolutionary Graphene Socks

What Can Graphene Far Infrared Do For You - Amazing Wonder Material

Graphene is arguably the most remarkable material ever discovered and products made with graphene can benefit your life immensely.

If you haven't yet heard of "Graphene", don't worry you will. In the very near future there's a good chance many of the products you use on a daily basis will contain a blend of this remarkable material.

It's absolutely mind blowing to think about how much this phenomenal material is going to revolutionize our world.

Already companies are exploring, designing and manufacturing new super strong lightweight products that defy everything that has come before. Batteries, skis, tennis rackets,solar panels and flexible touch-panels for mobile devices. Image a bike frame that weights only 300 grams yet is many times stronger than any carbon fiber bike frame every made!

In fact, graphene is the world's thinnest (2 dimensional structure) and yet strongest material. Hundreds of times stronger than steel. Sounds unbelievable? It's does doesn't it and yet it is true.

It's made from graphite. You know, the same graphite used in pencils. The difference is it's only 1 atom thick and that's what makes it two-dimensional.

For myself, I am more than just excited about the possibilities this new super lightweight and phenomenally strong material offers. Especially because graphene is also a superior emitter of far infrared light energy.

We have been manufacturing and distributing far infrared therapy products since 2004. Now with the commercial production of graphene, we can offer even more quality products to benefit our customers. Wow, that's fantastic news! 


What is Graphene?

If you've ever drawn with a pencil, then you are familiar with graphite. Scientists have know for quite awhile about the possibilities of one atom thick two-dimensional graphene crystal derived from graphite. It's just that up until 2004 nobody had figured out how to isolate it.

Two researchers at the University of Manchester; Prof Andre Geim and Prof Kostya Novoselov discovered the process and won the Nobel Prize in Physics for this amazing accomplishment.

Graphene is a sheet of carbon atoms one atom thick arranged in a honeycomb like structure. It is about 200 times stronger than the strongest steel and yet extremely flexible. Among it's many unusual properties it efficiently conducts, reflects and emits far infrared rays.


Intelligent Far Infrared Graphene Socks

The efficacy of FIR therapy products is usually generated from a variety of precious gems and minerals.  Such as jade, tourmaline crystals and bio-ceramic mineral powder compounds that reflect, refract and emit far infrared rays.
Studies show that graphene is a superior conductor and emitter of FIR. This can mean new and improved high quality far infrared therapy products to relieve pain, swelling and improve circulation.

Becoming known as the "Intelligent textile", therapy products made from graphene offer some great advantages; antibacterial, ultraviolet-proof, anti-static and heat retaining effects. The material is super tough and with not shrink.

Super tough, Far Infrared emitting Graphene fibers are revolutionizing what socks are made from.

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