Turf Toe

What is Turf Toe?

Turf Toe is the name given to the hyperextension (overextension) of the big toe joint.

In extreme cases, the ligament fibers actually tear and the joint capsule is damaged.

This painful condition is located under the ball of the foot and sometimes slightly towards the bottom midsection of the big toe.

Inflammation of the ligaments and joint capsule can range from mild to intense. Some discoloration may be visible, if the tissues are bruised.


Some Causes of Turf Toe:

    • Overextension of the big toe often shows up in soccer and football players from running and turning sharply on artificial turf.
    • Repetitive jamming of the big toe joint (the hallux), is also common in athletes that practice judo and other martial arts. The repetitive actions and foot motions on the mats can stress the ligaments under the ball of your feet.
    • Soft, floppy shoes can contribute to the ailment. Turf Toe can be a secondary complication of other ailments like: gout, arthritis and synovitis (inflammation of a synovial membrane).

    Can Far Infrared Socks help Turf Toes?

    FIR Socks will definitely reduce the pain and inflammation, so yes, you can wear far infrared to help treat mild and severe cases of Turf Toe. The FIR energy waves are very effective at reducing swelling and pain.

    FIR socks will help reduce stiffness of your big toe. "Hallux limitus" and "hallux rigidus" are other names for big toe stiffness.

    Wear FIR Socks for pain relief from sports related activities. "Don't leave home without them".

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    FREE Tips for Treating Turf Toe:

    • At the initial stages, ice packs will help to control inflammation.
    • Elevate and rest your feet.
    • You may need a brace to help protect the toe from overextending again. If you do... you can wear Prolotex™ FIR Socks with your brace.
    • Check with your doctor to get the best diagnosis. An x-ray will eliminate the possibility of bone fractures.
    • Wear a fresh, clean pair of Prolotex™ Far Infrared Socks during and after recovery to help cushion your toes and protect them from further injury.


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