Toenail Problems

Issues with Toenails?

 Lots of people have problems with their toenails. For some, it can be downright embarrassing!

Toenails are actually a good indication of your health. Just like your hair, your toenails are proof of your diet and condition.

Problems with your toes usually show up later in life, possibly due to years of poor care and attention. Of course then, people end up wearing socks to cover up the eyesore.

Condition of Toenails indicate Level of Health

    It's like reading the iris of your eye. Your toenails can tell you a lot about your health. Healthy toenails are soft pink in color, smooth and free of offensive odor.

    Toenails that curve upwards, instead of growing flat, are an indication of low iron levels, even anemia. Bumps can indicate nail psoriasis. Ripples show a change in diet or changes in medications. Toenail yellowing can be an indication of lymph-edema and early diabetic stages. Yellow toenails are common with fungal infections. Blue toenails could just mean a bump or bruise. Black toenails may show up in severe cases of diabetes.

      Common Toenail Problems:

      • Blood Blisters Under the Nail
      • Damaged Nail Bed
      • Ingrown Toenails
      • Toenail Fungus (affects approx. 5% of the population!)
      • Injuries to the Toes and Toenails
      • Toenail Deformities
      • Nail Separation
      • Bruised Toenail
      • Nail Infections
      • Deformed Toenail
      • Brittle Nails that Split

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      FIR Reduces Toenail Pain and Bacterial Infections

        Far Infrared Rays help to reduce bacterial infections and toenail fungus. The FIR emitted from the socks actually helps to retard the growth and spread of bacteria.

        Ingrown toenails are great places for bacteria to grow. FIR helps to reduce complications of an ingrown toenail.

        Injuries to the toenails can create secondary infections. Did you stub your toe and break your toenail? Yes, that can hurt. Bumps and bruises can be painful, but are more easily treated than toenail fungus.

        FREE Tips for Reducing Toenail Problems:

          • Check your toes regularly
          • Keep your feet clean and dry
          • Wear a clean pair of Prolotex™ Far Infrared Socks every day to help reduce bacterial infections
          • Trim your toenails - be careful not to trim too short (if you are elderly, maybe ask someone to help you)
          • Eat a healthy diet - you are what you eat!
          • Wear good fitting shoes
          • If you are diabetic, check your feet and toenails regularly for discoloration and changes
          • Wear good fitting shoes
          • Correcting vitamin deficiencies - if any (check with your health practitioner about this)
          • Wear a fresh, clean pair of Prolotex™ Far Infrared Socks every day, to help improve the circulation to the extremities in your toes.

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