Morton's Toe

What is a Morton's Toe??

Second and third toes longer than your big toe? If you answer "yes"... you have what's called Morton's Toe.


Long second toe is called a Morton's Toe

This condition was named by an American orthopaedic surgeon, Dudley Joy Morton (1884–1960). Another common name for the condition is "Greek Toe".

With an estimated 10% of the world population having this long toe, it is more common than you may have expected.


What Causes a Morton's Toe?

This hereditary condition has been passed down to the next generation for centuries, even as far back as 305 BC.

X-rays show the second metatarsal bone of the second toe is longer than in a "normal" foot.

 Will Far Infrared Socks Help?

Actually, Yes! Prolotex™ FIR Socks won't shorten the bones in your toes, but they will help to relieve the pain you may have near the ball of your foot.

The symptoms of Morton's Toe pain can be very similar to a condition called "Metatarsalgia". You will be able to tell which problem you have because your second toe will be longer than your big toe. This is not the case with Metatarsalgia.

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FREE Tips To Help Treat Morton's Toe:

  1. Invest in shoes that fit your foot. You may have to even invest in custom-made shoes, if you just can't find something to fit.
  2. Check with your doctor, if your toe bones need to be shortened.
  3. Wear Prolotex™ FIR Socks to help reduce any pain in your toes, due to your long Morton's Toe.
  4. Wear a fresh, clean pair of Prolotex™ Far Infrared Socks every day to help cushion and protect your toes.

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