What are Corns?

Basically, a "Corn" is a thickening of the skin on the toes of your feet. This buildup of dead skin forms a round "Cone" or "Crown-like" shape usually close to a joint or bone end.

This is a normal response from your  body as it makes and effort to protect your feet from ill fitting shoes.

Corns can develop between your toes, if they rub together.


Arrows showing common location of corns on toes

If you are getting corns on your toes, maybe you should take notice! The development of "small bumps of skin" on your toes is your body's way of protecting the underlying structure.


Some Common Causes of Corns:

Shoes mainly. Narrow shoes with tapering toe boxes crowd the toes, forcing the toes to press against the shoe. High-heel shoes force the weight of the body onto the ball of your foot and pushing the toes forward into the toe box of the shoe.

A lot of shoes, especially women's shoes, look great on the shelf and on the foot, but are not designed for comfort and health.

Soft Corns:  Soft corns normally develop between the toes. These ones are from your toes being squished together when you wear shoes that are too narrow at the toes. Soft corns are more susceptible to infections, if the skin opens.

Hard Corns:  Hard corns develop on the outside of the toes, usually over a joint. The skin is hard and scaly, often forming a crusty, cone-like shape with a yellowish depression in the center.

Can Far Infrared Socks Help?

Yes, Far Infrared socks can help. Not only do Prolotex™ Socks provide nice cozy cushioning for your sore toes, they do a lot more. The healing FIR energy emitted from the socks helps to retard bacterial growth and infection that can develop from soft corns.

Far Infrared Bio-Ceramic Socks - available in 4 sizes


FREE Tips To Help Prevent Busting Your Achilles Tendon

    1. Wear comfortable shoes with roomy toe boxes.
    2. Wear antibacterial Prolotex™ Far Infrared Socks.
    3. You can use those Corn Plasters on hard corns, but be careful that the acid in the plaster doesn't get on skin around the corn.
    4. If you have deformities, check with your doctor and ask about the underlying bone structure. This may be the cause of your corn.
    5. Wear a fresh, clean pair of Prolotex™ Far Infrared Socks every day to help cushion and protect your toes.


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