Calluses on your Feet

What is a Callus?

A buildup of hard skin at specific locations on your feet. A flat, irregular-shaped pad of dead skin builds up to protect the underlying bones and tissues at intense pressure points.

Calluses are similar to Corns, but more often located on the bottom and edges of your foot or heel.


Locations of Foot Calluses


 The most common locations are under the ball of the foot, the edge of the big toe, and the bottom of the heel.

The skin of a callus can look grey or yellowish in color - quite often rough to the touch and can snag your socks or stockings.

More women than men get foot calluses.


Some Common Causes of Calluses:

 Foot Calluses are quite common among active people and sports enthusiasts. Friction, especially on your heels, can develop a protective callus.

  • Poor bone structure of the foot, ankle, knee and hip can cause an abnormal gait
  • Excessively Long metatarsal bones
  • Poorly aligned metatarsal bones
  • Thinning of the fat pad on the bottom of the foot
  • Extremely high arches
  • Short Achilles tendon
  • Extremely flat feet
  • Wearing high-heeled shoes
  • Wearing shoes that are too small
  • Obesity (causes excess pressure on the feet when walking, etc)
  • Lumps, bumps and boney protrusions on your feet

Are Calluses a Serious condition?

Calluses are not a serious condition by themselves, but can lead to open sores, if not cared for. If you are a diabetic, take care to check your feet every day to prevent any potential complications.

Can Prolotex™ FIR Socks help?

Yes, Far Infrared Socks can help. Not only do Prolotex™ Socks provide a nice cozy cushioning for your sore feet, they do a lot more. The healing FIR energy emitted from the socks helps to retard bacterial growth and infection - a secondary complication to calluses.

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FREE Tips To Reducing Calluses

    1. Wear comfortable shoes that do not have pressure points.
    2. Wear antibacterial Prolotex™ Far Infrared Socks.
    3. Soak your feet to soften the callus and then use a pumice stone to reduce the dead skin buildup.
    4. If you have structural deformities, check with your doctor and ask about the underlying bone structure. This may be the cause of your callus.
    5. Wear a fresh, clean pair of Prolotex™ Far Infrared Socks every day to help improve the circulation in your feet.


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