Blue Toes

What is Blue Toe?

Yes, there is a condition called "Blue Toe". Blue Toe Syndrome, actually.

Blue Toe Syndrome is a blockage or restriction of the small blood vessels leading to the toes.

Toes can actually turn bluish in color, indicating poor circulation. The blue color is just the color of utilized or "oxygen-spent" blood (blood that is full of fresh oxygen is much redder in color).


Blue Toe Syndrome



Causes of Blue Toe Syndrome:

A lack of blood flow is an indication of poor circulation. People suffering from Diabetes often have this Blue Toe condition.

Other individuals suffering from Raynaud's Phenomenon will also show poor circulation to the extremities.

The presence of blue toes can be the symptom of a more serious medical condition. A small piece of arterial plaque could have been dislodged, causing a blockage in the arteries of the leg. Any tissues in front of the blockage will usually become cyanotic (bluish in color) due to low levels of oxygenated blood.

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FREE Tips To Treat Blue Toe Syndrome

    1. Best to get a checkup with your doctor to eliminate the possibility of a more serious medical condition.
    2. Take a walk. Get some exercise (if at all possible) to increase the circulation. Get the heart pumping. .
    3. Elevate the toes to reduce stagnant fluid from pooling.
    4. Make an effort to improve your diet. It will make a difference to your metabolism.
    5. Use Prolotex™ Far Infrared Socks to increase circulation and reverse any Blue Toe Syndrome.


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