FIRMA Circulation Infrared Ankle Bands

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Far Infrared Circulation Ankle Bands

FIRMA's Far Infrared therapeutic Circulation Ankle Bands contain a unique formula of "active bio-crystals" that emit & reflect Far Infrared Rays (FIR).

FIR has unique molecular rejuvenating powers, helping to promote circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce swelling, bruising and fluid retention, regulate temperature and relieve pain.


Measure around the Widest area of your calves.

Size Inches Centimeters
Small 8-13" 21-34 cm
Medium 10-15" 26-39 cm
Large 12-17" 31-44 cm


FIRMA Circulation Ankle Bands offer mild to no compression.


Use for everyday activities and injury recovery. Suitable for wear at work, sports, casual wear and even while sleeping.


Sold individually (buy 2 if you need a pair)

Colors: Black, Beige, Navy Blue
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large


If you sprained your ankle or are recovering from a broken ankle or surgery, have tarsal tunnel syndrome, then these Infrared Ankle Bands will help promote circulation reduce swelling and pain

Wear the Ankle Bands during the day and at night. We recommend wearing them during the day at first before wearing all night, just to make sure they are not too tight and restricting circulation

If you want to wear the Ankle Bands while running, jogging or playing sports, then we recommend ordering one size down as they are less likely to fall down around your ankles during your exercise routine.

Fiber Content: 92% polyamide (with embedded biocrystals), 8% elastane


(affordable rates to int'l destinations)

  • ETA for USA: 7-10 Working days
  • ETA for Int'l: 14-45 Working days

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