Far Infrared Therapeutic Support Sock

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Therapeutic FIR Socks

Benefab "Support Socks" offer the Healing Benefits of Far Infrared Rays.

Use Far Infrared Therapeutic Support Socks for soothing pain relief and increased circulation to your ankles, feet and toes.

Size US US Sizing UK UK Sizing AU AU Sizing EU EU Sizing
S 4-6 for Men,
6-8 for Women
4-6 for Men,
4-6 for Women
4-6 for Men,
5-7 for Women
M 7-10 for Men,
9-11 for Women
6-9 for Men,
6-8 for Women
6-9 for Men,
7-9 for Women
L 11-13 for Men,
12-14 for Women
9-11 for Men,
9-12 for Women
9-11 for Men,
10-12 for Women


This is the ideal bio-ceramic sock during hot weather promote circulation to the feet and toes. Helps wick away excess moisture. Washable. Perfect for  those warmer summer days.

With all the unique rejuvenating powers and pain relieving capabilities, these "Supportive"  Far Infrared Socks are made by Benefab.

This NEW Bio-Ceramic "Supportive Sock" by Benefab offers great therapeutic properties and have been specially designed for individuals who have requested a thinner knee sock.

Use Far Infrared Therapeutic Support Socks for Gout, Cold Feet, Raynaud's Syndrome, Peripheral Neuropathy, retarding odor, improving circulation, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome & Arthritis Joint Pain Relief.  Lots of Stretch.

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