Our Beginning

Where it all began

We started introducing our Prolotex™ Sock line to US and Canada customers early in 2004. At the time, nobody in North America seemed to know anything about the healing power of "Far Infrared".

Where it All Began

So then the big question everyone asked is “what is far infrared?” and “How does it benefit me?”

The quick answer is this; Far infrared rays are natural light energy. The term “far” indicates the longer length of the infrared rays. These natural light energy rays are part of the universe's light spectrum. Far infrared rays are good for your health. They stimulate circulation, reduce swelling and help relieve pain.

When you wear a pair of far infrared socks that contain certain minerals, these minerals reflect and emit  far infrared rays into the soft tissues of your feet. You begin to feel a number of sensations, it tends to be a warming sensation as the circulation improves along with the reduction of pain and swelling.

The majority of our customers say they “love” our products and have a found lasting satisfaction and relief from their foot problems. Some say it just didn't work for them. Which is understandable since there is a number of reasons for this. If the person is taking prescription drug therapy for pain or numbness then chances are they will not sense the beneficial effects of far infrared therapy. It can still work for them even though the say the can't feel the positive effects.

Because so many of our customers are pleased with our products and service, their always asking for more product variety and selection. So, we have decided to expand the TherapySocks.com line and go beyond just Far infrared therapy products.

We look forward to providing you, our customer with a ever increasing line of quality products for all your leg, knees and footsie's needs. So, check back often for new products as they become available and special sales.


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