It's not an “Overnight Wonder”

Far Infrared Helps With Peripheral Neuropathy

Can Far Infrared Help With Peripheral Neuropathy?

We've been in the business of teaching people about the health benefits of far infrared therapy for a long time. Being privy to years (14 to be exact) of feedback from our customers has become invaluable.

Most people are really not that interesting in knowing how FIR therapy works. All they really want to know is does it work for them. We've heard variations of the following statement many times; “Hey, I don't really care how it works, all I know is my feet feel better and there's a lot less pain”.

It's important to note; some people feel marginal improvements from wearing the therapy socks but there are reasons for this that I will share will you later on.

For those who really have a genuine interest in understanding the biological workings of far infrared energy and the scientific HOW this natural energy can benefit your health I'm happy to give you a quick straightforward overview.

Straightforward Overview

First - Let's start with the physical benefits of FIR. I think if we do, your interest in understanding the WHY will naturally be enhanced.

  • Benefits of Far infrared Therapy
  • Increased Micro-Circulation
  • Enhanced Cellular Repair
  • Reduction of Pain & Swelling
  • Flushing of Toxin
  • Improved Health

Far infrared light energy is amazing stuff and the benefits are measurable and real. FIR basically increases circulation at the molecular level but that's not all it does. When you think about it, circulation is how the body continues to repair and rejuvenate itself.

Increased circulation in your feet means nutrients and oxygen supply via the blood stream also increase. Inflammation and pain is reduced simultaneously while toxins are flushed from the cells.  

Of course, we all have some degree of circulation or we'd be dead. Silly statement I know, but I want you to think about what enhancing circulation in your feet by wearing our therapy socks can do for you.

We need to view this type of therapy for what it is. It's not an “overnight wonder”. The benefits are in sync with each individual case. For example, if you've been living with peripheral neuropathy for a long time and have little to no feeling in your feet. It's going to take some time.

On the other hand, we've have many, many people who have experienced positive results from wearing therapy socks in a very short period of time. Of course, it all depends on the severity of your foot (PN) condition.

Your body is made up of trillions of cells. If FIR can improve the health of each cell just a little bit then  what is the total collective benefit? Obviously, it can be significant.


How Therapy Socks Emit FIR Energy

The HOW of Far Infrared Therapy is relatively simple but not always easily understood. So let's get to the basics of how the socks can work for you.

You may have heard the term “bio-ceramics” which is the active ingredient in many different types of far infrared products. Tourmaline is also considered a bio-ceramic and in its crystalline form is a actually a gemstone.

Tourmaline is milled into a fine power and then infused in the material fibers of the socks. It cannot be washed out but it can be very effective at absorbing, reflecting and emitting far infrared light energy.

Gently rays of far infrared penetrate the soft tissues in your feet. Increasing the tempo of molecular activity and helping to dilate blood vessels and tiny capillaries. I think this is the magic of this type of therapy. This activity helps to reduce swelling and pain while supplying needed nutrients and oxygen to repair damaged cells.

You cannot see far infrared light but you can feel the benefits from it.

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Medical Disclaimer
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