MIG3 Far Infrared Lounge Socks

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Far Infrared Bioceramic "Lounge" Socks for Resting

Invel® Lounging Socks offer little to no compression, but what they DO offer is therapeutic pain relieving, circulation promoting, infrared energy healing.

This therapy sock style is a very popular choice for individuals in intensive care, patients at a home care facility or hospice environments.

Home care nurses, care aid workers and helpers feel confident that this sock provides essential warmth, antibacterial and circulation promoting benefits with out the worry of restriction.

Use for lounging, resting, casual wear and as a bed sock.

Invel's "Lounging" Socks contain a unique formula of non toxic bioceramics that help relieve pain and inflammation.

Made with polyamide infused fibers, these Invel® socks emit & reflect Far Infrared Rays (FIR).

FIR has unique molecular rejuvenating powers, helping to promote circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, regulate foot temperature and relieve pain.


Size US US Sizing UK UK Sizing AU AU Sizing EU EU Sizing
S 1-3 for Men
2-4 for Women
0-3 for Men
1-3 for Women
0-3 for Men
1-3 for Women
M 4-6 for Men,
5-8 for Women
4-6 for Men,
4-6 for Women
4-6 for Men,
5-7 for Women
L 7-10 for Men,
9-11 for Women
6-9 for Men,
6-8 for Women
6-9 for Men,
7-9 for Women
XL 11-13 for Men,
12-14 for Women
9-11 for Men,
9-12 for Women
9-11 for Men,
10-12 for Women
XXL 14-17 for Men,
15-17 for Women
12-15 for Men,
12-15 for Women
12-15 for Men,
13-16 for Women


Sold in Pairs
Colors: Black, Cream
Height: Almost Knee High
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Fiber Content: 90% polyamide (with embedded bioceramics), 10% elastane

* Note: It is recommended to cover open skin scrapes, and cutaneous lesions with a protective covering before wearing Bioceramic socks. The energy from the bioceramics could be too intense on raw open skin.

* Individuals with skin hypersensitivities should monitor tissue reactions accordingly.

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  • ETA for Int'l: 14-45 Working days


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