Kids COMFORT FIT Far Infrared Socks

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Kids Prolotex™ Far Infrared "COMFORT FIT" Socks

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Not only do these COMFORT FIT Far Infrared Socks have unique rejuvenating powers and pain relieving capabilities, they are super comfortable to wear.

Prolotex Kids Socks fit children ranging in age from 4-8 years *


Size US US Sizing UK UK Sizing AU AU Sizing EU EU Sizing
One Size 1-3.5   for Kids
3-5 for Women
13 - 2.5  for Kids
2-4.5 for Women
13 - 2.5  for Kids
2-4.5 for Women

* Size and age ranges are approx.

Kids & young adults can wear Prolotex™ "COMFORT FIT" therapeutic circulation socks day and night - actually the more the better. These socks can be used for everyday activities - just like you would wear any other sock.

Young kids can wear Far Infrared "COMFORT FIT" FIR socks when they at home and school. Great for outdoor activities.

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